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What benefits do I have as a member of Complete Savings?

As a member of Complete Savings you have access to a wide range of benefits. The benefits of Complete Savings include:

An initial Welcome Reward following your second purchase at the website you joined through.

An ongoing Monthly Bonus when you make another purchase from the site you joined Complete Savings through.

Earn up to 10% Cashback on purchases from many leading online retailers. These discounts are in addition to any other online discounts that the retailers may offer.
You can earn up to €300 cashback every month when you shop through Complete Savings.

20% off gift cards from some of Ireland's favourite retailers. You get free standard shipping with every order and you can buy up to €100 worth of giftcards each month.

Members also have access to Vouchers.

How do I get in touch with Complete Savings?

View great discounts and deals by logging in here: www.completesavings.ie

After the first 30-day trial of your membership, there is a regular monthly fee. You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting the Complete Savings team.

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